A few really great cosplays that stopped by my table at Anime North! Notable photo absences: Tim Hortons cosplay, Discord, Aku, King Dedede, and pretty much everyone at the Masquerade (I did not take enough photos)

It was my first year selling, and thankfully I made a profit (plus a ton of extra prints and buttons to sell/give away online). I really have no idea when it comes to predicting what people are into because some of my obscure stuff sold a lot more than I expected. Thanks to my sister, friends, photographed cosplayers, and buyers!

Shout out to the one fan who sent friends to say hi and take my photo!

Second shout out to that girl who traded prints with me at the end of the con because I LOVE YOUR ADVENTURE TIME/DOTA 2 KEYCHAINS/BUTTONS VERY MUCH!! I didn’t thank you enough. I should have thrown more stuff at you in return


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